Donmaksan Hydraulic Machine Ind. Ltd. Co. Which was founded in 1977 has become acompany above mentioned with quality. Donmaksan has 2250 m2 areas in Busan Organized Zone in Konya, produces trailer cylinders trailer turntables, hydrulic jacks special purpose hydraulic cylinders, single and double acting cylinders, trailer axles, trailer whell rims trailer tyres,water tank trailer parts and coachwork equipments.


  Donmaksan is conscious of importance of R&D studies in order to following and delevoping technology is using high technology in production

  Donmaksan has branded receiving trademark from Turkish Patent Institute. Our firm makes quality not only principle, but a target offers service with CE assurance and continues for ISO and TSE quality studies.

  Our company export the products European and Middle East countries aims to becoming one of the most indispensible brand abroad in its sector. Donmaksan will provide you service assembling past experience with today’s technology.